Starting a Devlog!

It’s been about a week ago that I started development on my new game All Ships Must Sink. I’ve played around with game development in the past but this will be the first game that I will truly release.

I’ve followed some other indie games in the past and enjoyed being able to track their progress via a development (b)log a lot. I think a devlog has some benefits for me, as the game developer, as well. I will be able to see the progress I’ve made along the way, which will be a great motivator.

The devlog will not have big, well-structured posts but will mostly contain small, frequent updates about the development progress of the game. Screenshots, gifs, videos, that kind of things.

So this is it, the devlog for All Ships Must Sink. I’ll write another log very soon about what the game will be about and one about the current status of the game.

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