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So after a week of development and getting used to Unity, there is a playable demo. There’s not must challenge in the game yet and choices are still very limited. The current version of the game includes the ability to build 2 types of turrets, a regular tower and a faster shooting tower and 8 waves of 3 different type of enemies that will spawn. This might now sound like a lot but there was a lot of groundwork that had to be done to create these things.

If there’s one thing the first demo already thought me is that balancing the wave will be a huge challenge. It seems like such a thin line between having no challenge and becoming an impossible task. I suspect when more types of damage and other factors are added, adding more of a challenge without simply increasing enemy mob volume will be possible.

I want to close this post by showing of a quick video of the demo I just described. I didn’t expect it when I created this devlog, but I notice that I find it very hard to share what I’ve created so far. I just need to remember, in a month I will look back and smile.

A look at the first 3 waves. I’ve used the in-game “speed up” feature so I can show more waves in ~20 seconds.

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