New look for levels

I’ve been playing around with the looks / sprites of the levels for the past couple of days. I’ve first experimented with an isometric view, creating a “fake” 3D look by rendering the sprites with an angle and making them overlap a bit. Although this looked very cool, I quickly realized this would hinder gameplay. With an isometric view, object can be in front of (and behind) other objects, much like in a 3D space. For All Ships Must Sink, this would result into not being able to see the ships whenever you build a tower “in front” of it, eventually creating huge blind spots.

So a top down view, like I already had, turned out to be the best choice for gameplay. I wasn’t super happy with the way it looked at the moment. I thought the transition from grass to beach to water and back was too “noisy” (if that makes sense). The game now uses a different grass type tile that transitions into water and back. This creates a much more calm view.

Here’s a quick screenshot of how level one now looks. Next up on the todo is to update the map view so it will no longer use the beach type tiles either.

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